10 Movies to Watch with a Bucket of Ice Cream This Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2015 - 4 minutes read

Here comes that day of the year where the prices for roses rise, most places are booked by couples and love is in the air. When all of your friends in relationships are planning things for their special someones, the last thing you want to do is think about how you’re single at the moment.

So to save you from that, we bring you movies that are not titled “Valentine’s Day” ( or The Notebook) which you could watch with a huge bucket of ice cream:

1. About Time:

Definitely the best romantic comedy of all time. It tends to make you laugh and cry, and it isn’t even a chick flick!

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2. Dilwaale Dulhaniyaan Le Jaaenge (DDLJ):

THE classic. Young love in a foreign land. Shah Rukh and Kajol. Need I say more? After all, the poster does say Come, Fall in Love. If possible, catch it at Maratha Mandir!

SPOILER ALERT: You are not genius, you are indigenous!

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3. A Roman Holiday:

A classic, dare I say better than the more famously acclaimed Breakfast At Tiffany’s. If you have never seen an old Hollywood movie, this would be a great first. This movie is a paradox of every little girl’s dream. It is the tale of a princess yearning for the life of a commoner. Also, if you ever wondered what “dashing” looked like, check out Gregory Peck in this flick!

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4. Jab We Met:

A fun loving Punjabi girl meets a Mumbai guy on a train to Delhi and gets stranded in the middle. Watch this pair through their journey of heartbreak, love and beautiful sceneries while you consider getting another bucket of ice cream…

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5. That Awkward Moment:

A beautifully relatable storyline. This movie is one of the best chick flicks with a male protagonist. It tells the tale of making up for your wrong doings and winning someone back, a must watch for the V-day.

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6. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:

The tale of rekindled love. With the beautiful locations and gorgeous outfits, it makes you wish that you were invited to a destination wedding! A perfect flick to watch with a group of friends.

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7. Dirty Dancing:

The perfect mix of dance and a cheesy romance. Perfect dance sequences and Patrick Swayze! Need I say more? Note: Only watch if you are in the mood for cheesy one- liners!

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8. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai:

The story of a love triangle which lasts over decades. This was Karan Johar’s directorial debut, which implies that it is a V Day must watch! Young love and a love triangle? Very KJo indeed!

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9. 2 States:

Based on the novel byChetan Bhagat, this is the story of two endearing lovers who try to make their families set aside all their cultural differences to support their marriage. Basically the story of every mixed marriage in India. A must watch!

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And finally…

10. Magic Mike-

If all else fails; this is your go to movie! This movie is about male-strippers! If you watch this movie, your eyes will get more action than ALL of your friends (put together!) who’ve gone out with their Valentines! So what if you don’t have a Valentine? You still have Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey AND Matt Bomer!

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– Tanya Pal

Content Writer, frapp

Editor: Shaina Ahluwalia