Top Student Resumes on Frapp #3

March 3, 2017 - 2 minutes read

And we are back with the third edition of the Top Student Resumes on Frapp because all you guys are so talented and hardworking and there’s no dearth of you smarty-pants!  As you may know know, Frapp- India’s largest digital platform gives students the opportunity to intern, while also having fun! The Student Resume is just another chance for students to shine in every field possible through building their digital resumes in the cool formats and styles on the app, skipping the hassle that goes into designing and fixing the layout in traditional resumes. This digital Frapp resume can be accessed by partners to view student profiles when you apply for an internship and believe us- you’ll love using this new feature! Now, some of the cool kids who had tried this feature actually are at the top with their resumes! Here’s a look at a few of the achievers!

Riddhi Pania

Resume Score: 10/10

A law student, Riddhi is highly creative and has worked for POPxo as a Campus Ambassador and is currently working with The Wedding Journals of India.

Rishabh Maurya

Resume Score: 10/10

Rishabh embodies the adjective that is, Smarty Pants. A highly intelligent guy, he is currently doing his BTech and is an avid Android enthusiast and loves Java.

Rupali Neeta Rakheja

Resume Score: 10/10

Rupali is a traveller by heart and has worked P&G, INTACH and Explore.Excavate.Enjoy and has created quite a meaty resume for herself and has gained a lot of experience on the way.

Devansh Agarwal

Resume Score: 10/10

Devansh is well-versed in Robotics which seems to be his passion. He describes himself as a thinker and has worked at a dental clinic and The Leaf.

Subhojit Rauth

Resume Score: 10/10

Currently studying in SRM University, Subhojit has worked for Roast.Inc and Tech-A-Mania and done a project on getting RSS feeds from several News Channel site to one single App.

Go ahead and build that resume on frapp and make the most of it!

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