15 Memes about College that are so relatable, it hurts

June 10, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Once we are in this phase of our lives called ‘college going student’, we are constantly in search for someone or something that can understand us. Nobody really gets what its like to be a college student (except maybe college students but that’s beside the point). Our fellow peers maybe of some help to a certain extent but it is the one true love that really understands us. Memes.

Yes, you heard it right. We’re talking about memes. Not me-mes, not may-mays. Memes. Thanks to the interweb, we have this one true love in our lives. They make us laugh, they make us cry. They even make us question ourselves and how these mere pictures and short sentences accurately describe your situation in college. Like it or hate it, memes are life and you have to accept that.

So here we give you a few memes about college life that we bet will make you go ‘omg fam dats me af’.

1. When you’re expected to do a lot of stuff by the time you graduate



2. When memes are the reason for your survival



3. When you always make sure you’re on a balanced diet



4. When making plans for the weekend always seems to make you anxious


5.  When leftovers are the reason for your survival


6. When your college life can be related to an anecdote

7. When you’ve procrastinated all your assignments but still survived the all nighter you took to complete them



8. … And that’s when you start appreciating the smallest things in life



9. When you’ve lost all the self esteem you thought you’d maintain throughout college



10. When you’re forced to do assignments of subjects you hate


11. When your bank balance gets you off guard


12. It’s all about perception


13. When you realize there’s nothing purer than self love


14. When you’ve become dead on the inside but still manage to pull yourself together


15. But that feeling of triumph everyday




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