18 Things That Happen During CIA II

February 9, 2015 - 2 minutes read

This is what happens when your college names its most dreaded series of submissions after the most feared organisation in the world.

1. You are still cradling your fest-post gaming/ New Year’s Eve induced hangover, when


2. *BAM* all of your professors slam the entire CIA II workload onto you


3. All of the deadlines magically coincide with all of the mid season premieres of all your favorite shows.

Image (3)

4. Though you end up getting addicted to new shows anyway (because YOLO!)

Image (4)

5. If you are an overachiever, your editor from XYZ journal will inform you of the deadline of your final draft, which is 3 days away (enter panic mode)Image (5)

6. Your caffeine addiction is reinforced through tea/coffee

Image (6)

7. Concerned roommates/friends/parents might ask if you are sick (even if you may not be) and you may wonder why.

Image (7)

8. Comfort food seems even more comforting (I’m looking at you special maggi)

Image (8)

9. The constant conflict between presentations and assignments

Image (9)

10. thesaurus.com is your new best friend

Image (10)

11. And turnitin is your arch nemesis

Image (11)

12. You’ve put on a bit of weight (but hey you climb to the 40s everyday!)

Image (12)

13. Which makes you go on a (5 minute) canteen ban (come here cheese garlic toast)

Image (13)

14. You professor announces a group project

Image (14)

15. And of course you get the worst partners in the world

Image (15)

16. Some assignments are more fun than others (*cough* anthro exhib *cough*)

Image (16)

17. And when they are over you feel like you’ve won a war (hopefully your CGPA will agree with this)

Image (17)

18. And then you realize that you have an honors assignment/ presentation/ both

Image (18)

Rinse and Repeat

Written by Tanya Pal

Edited by Shaina Ahluwalia