Facts About Bangalore You Probably Didn’t Know

December 6, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Knowing a city can be a piece of cake. Just live there long enough, you’ll know where the grocery shops are, where the electric repair shops are, where everything you’ll ever need in the city is, and you’re sorted. It’s fine, the city is your jam.

What you probably won’t know, however, are all the different layers of the city. Every piece of cake can be sliced, and has layers and layers of icing underneath you’re probably never going to know unless you’re digging deeper. Here, thankfully, for the beautiful city of Bangalore, the city of gardens, the outsourcing IT capital of the world, we’ve done the digging for you. Here are all the interesting bits of trivia about your city that you probably were’nt even aware of –

1. What’s in a name?- The name Bengaluru is derived from ‘Bende Kaalu Ooru’ which means ‘The town of boiled beans’. The story is that King Ballala of the Hoysuru dynasty was hungry and lost in the jungle, and an old woman offered him some boiled beans. In her honour, the place was renamed Bende Kaalu Ooru’.


2. The Airport- Not many of us are aware that the Kempegowda International Airport is actually named after the founder of the city, Kempe Gowda, who was a feudal lord. He, under the King Achutaraya, built the areas of Chickpet, Balepet and Cottonpet. His son went on to erect the 4 watch-towers of the city, which are visible even today.airport

3. Indiranagar- The 100 feet road in Indira nagar is known for the highest density of eateries and restaurants and
other units of the hospitality market in the entire world. It still holds the record. Because of this an
other factors, Bengaluru is also known as one of the Pub Cities of the world. Order another round of beers, folks !


4. Rulers- The dynasties that have ruled the region of Bengaluru have been many, and extremely varied. The district was ruled by the Ganga dynasty, part of the solar dynasty, until it was captured by the Cholas in 1024. Then Veera Ballala (the ruler who gave Bengluru its name) took it from the Cholas, and the local chieftain Kempe Gowda was instrumental in the planning and building of the city.kempe-gowda

Written by: Utkarsh Pathak

Edited by: Tanya Pal