9 Tips on How to Create a Strong Resume

December 17, 2016 - 3 minutes read

It’s placement season and we’re all panicking! Here’s a list of tips on how to write an amazing resume:

1. Avoid the fancy layout, font, and other special effects- You’re not making a school presentation in the 00s! Stick to traditional font of Times New Roman, 9 to 12 point size, and black type against a white paper. Avoid boldface type, italics, and underlining.

2. Don’t be lazy- Prepare it in a simple Word format that can easily be viewed on most computers. Not a table format or template. Alignment is a pain, but you got to do what you got to do.

3. Started from the bottom now we’re here- List your present, or most recent job, first, and then work backwards. An employer will mainly look at the first 2 items under sub-headings. It’s also easier to talk about your most recent work. And mention only what’s relevant, no body cares if you were Head Boy/Girl or if you came fourth in a running race.

4. Got internships?- State the complete name of the company you work for (do not use abreviations, no mater how popular they are), or have worked for, and what they do, how long you were there–month and year. Then list the position you held and your accomplishments. You don’t have to use full sentences. Begin with verbs. “Managed company tax reporting, finance, invoicing, purchasing,” for example.

5. No job is too small- If you worked at a McDonald’s, note it down. It may make you stand out in the crowd.

6. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it- Fuzzy key words and phrases should be avoided. These include customer-oriented, excellent communications skills, and creative. These words lack meaning and do absolutely nothing to help you get an interview.

7. Use words that refer to titles- customer service, controller, manager, accountant.

8. Leave some talking points for the interview!- Get rid of objectives and summary and all that silly stuff. It’s all fluff. An employer doesn’t care about your objective.

9. Get the photos off your résumé- You’re looking for a job, not for a “friend” on Tinder!

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Written by: Tanya Pal