New Year’s Eve: Expectation vs Reality

December 26, 2016 - 4 minutes read

31st December is like that one friend we have who’s neighbor is Sharmaji, and who’s son is an academic genius – It’s expected to live up to unrealistic expectations and it probably can’t. When we were kids, it was enough thrill for us to just be allowed to stay up till 12 on that night (under parental supervision, of course) and go through the groundbreaking experience of being awake enough to notice yet another year drudgily rolling into the next, feel happy about it and peacefully sleep off to wake up comfortably to a holiday the next day.

But now that we’re older (wiser would be debatable) New Year’s is laden with things we expect out of it. We expect grand parties, everybody in the background counting down seconds until the near, and a person to kiss just as the clock strikes 12.
As the most overrated night of the year is upon us, here is what your night may look like:

1. The Day
Expectation: 31st of December, isn’t going to be a day at all. It’s going to be a day on fast forward that just focusses on one part: The evening.
Reality: You’re probably sitting and motivating yourself for all your Resolutions, looking bck at the disappointing year that just went by and lying in the wreckage hoping for a miracle that happens in a single day (oh, and wondering who you’ll kiss in the night. That too)

2. The Night
Expectation: You’re going to be invited to a hell lot of parties, and you’re going to have trouble DECLINING invitations after a point, because there is no possible way you’ll get to go to all of them.
Reality: You’re invited to your family ‘New year’s Bash’ and have to take care of your 4-year-old cousins while all the aunties and uncles have just come for the buffet.

3. The Moment
Expectation: You’re going to be held by a random stranger and kissed at the stroke of midnight, and he/she will turn out to be your true love and you’ll live happily ever after.
Reality: The sticky ex will find out which party you’re at, and stalk you through the night.

4. The Morning After
Expectation: You got safely to a friend’s house, crashed on a comfortable bed and woke up at 1pm, fresh and ready to rest and recuperate for work the next day, with great memories of how brilliant your night was.
Reality: You met Rahul at the party, who took you to his friend TIna’s place, who took you to her friend Harry’s place, who then took you to Rajiv’s place, Rajiv is a horse and you’re in another continent with no way to get back home. Oh, and you don’t remember anything from the night before.

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Written by: Utkarsh Pathak

Edited by: Tanya Pal