7 Things to Buy at the ONLY End of Season Sale

December 27, 2016 - 1 minute read

2016 has been a pretty year but ONLY is giving you a chance to end it on happy note by letting you splurge at their End of Season Sale and here’s why you can’t miss it

1. Your wardrobe gets a makeover almost every time when there’s a sale but the one thing you never toss out of your closet are the trustworthy pair of black jeans and it’s always something that you should invest in!

2. And if black is not your colour then these navy blue jeans are the perfect fit for you and what’s more, they are on sale too!

3. And have a look at this t-shirt that’ll make you look like a boss-ass lady!

4. Mumbai hardly gets a winter but that doesn’t mean that you can’t flaunt this super cute cropped sweater!

5. If baggy sweaters are your thing then this sweater was made for just you and it’s in your destiny to have it, its’ written in the stars!

6. Nothing screams chic like this sweater top does and what’s more it’s perfect for one of those gloomy days.

7. Classy white sweaters to start off the New Year on a fresh note!

You know you want to indulge in some really good retail therapy when ONLY is giving you a discount of up to 50% off!

Written by: Pratiksha Acharya

Edited by: Tanya Pal