Newsfeed Review of 2016

January 5, 2017 - 2 minutes read

A year is a unit of time, and quite a large unit of time at that. 365 days x 24 hours a day x 60 minutes an hour and yada yada yada – basically, a hell lot of time.

Now on a related yet unrelated note, it’s usually quite difficult to get people to agree on something. Everybody looks at things differently etc etc and the whole charade. But this time, somehow, everybody UNANIMOUSLY agrees – 2016 was absolute shite. It’s all over social media, on the newsfeed of every single website possible.

So we decided to do something called the Newsfeed review of 2016, based on screenshots taken from our very newsfeeds, talking about the year.

1.The most recent life the year has claimed was that of Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. In relation to that, here’s what people have to say –

An appropriate response *wipes away vestigial tears*

2.However, not everyone takes these reactions kindly. Some people (sadists) love watching the world burn, and feel compelled to post things like this –

*unclenches angry fist*

3. Meanwhile, the stoners and the existentialists have a brilliant take on the whole situation –


4. And some people just can’t seem to be able to give a crap –

5 ….then you have the clueless ones.


6. Oh and lets not forget the greedy multinationals who JUST WANT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERYTHING YOU A$$*@%#

Summing up the year, with live and honest newsfeeds.

Goodbye 2016, we hope to never see the likes of you.

P.S.- Hangovers are real, you guys.


Written by- Utkarsh Pathak

Edited by- Pratiksha Acharya