The 4 things you will experience at an EDM concert

January 27, 2015 - 2 minutes read

There is a 11 out 10 chance that you’ve been to an EDM concert. Here is a list of 4 things you must have surely experienced!

How you feel when the bass drops:

So in the end , it all comes down to this, our judgment of the entire song is based on that single bass drop, so as we see, the excitement just goes out of control and a moment of complete utopia is felt. We all knows them feels from those steve aoki and blasterjaxx drops.


The awkward dude twice as old as everyone

You’ll always find one of these, the guy who doesn’t belong. The one in his forties or fifties sometimes even older(ughh..creepy) trying to rave to the music, not realizing he is at the wrong concert. I know I am no one to comment who should listen to what music, but there is a reason why everyone at the concert is just about in their twenties.


The group of guys with the awkward dancing

Be it any concert, Electronic, blues, rock, you will find this group with the same out of tune steps completely in their groove. Everyone knows what they are on, so you dare not mess with them, but just enjoy the show and move on.tumblr_mzex0yv9Um1s4ip2qo1_500

The Shirtless Dude(s):

Oh yeah these ones, as if there isn’t sweat flowing around already. So, all I can say is keep your distance, but rave on.


Before we end this article, we want to tell you something.

– (Every DJ ever).

 Contributed by Karan Shinghal