5 Cool Internships For This Summer

April 26, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Are your vacations turning out to be real disappointment and the scorching sun is making it more worse? Then gear up buddy cause here is a list of fun internships to give your holidays the excitement they deserve!

90min- Digital Football Writer

Is football your passion and writing your hobby? Do you dream of making your career in sports journalism? Then you should be interning at 90min which is offering a virtual internship as the digital football writer at flexible hours! For an intern getting acclaimed for his/her work is rare. But in 90min your work may even get published if done efficiently. So get ready to give wings to your flair of writing and love for sports.


Apply Here: bit.ly/2pAlhCG

 – Brand Ambassador

Have you got the capability to influence the masses around you and drive them to what interests you the most-CRICKET? Then you may be the perfect candidate to who can contribute to make a change; a change in the way people perceive your favorite sport. Intern at Cricnwin to pursue your interest as well as brush up on your marketing skills.


Apply Here: bit.ly/2pAfYDr

Beardo – Marketing Internship

Beardo manufacturers mens products and is hiring highly motivated  marketing chaps. The company sells exclusive goodies for urban men. Use your imagination, persuade & promote the firm to get a hefty marketing experience.


Apply Here: bit.ly/2p3eJf7

BrandFoxie – Team Lead

A leader is not born but made. If you dream of managing or leading a company and have the potential as well as the confidence to lead a team then you are certainly the intern candidate BrandFoxie is looking for. Intern and hone your intellectual and dynamic leadership skills.


Apply Here: bit.ly/2pS0D4i

MyStore- Fashion Marketing Associate

Do you dream of reaching the epitome of marketing as well as be known for being a fashionista? Then practice is necessary. So let your ambitions soar high and gain one more feather in your fashion kit. Intern at Mystore for gaining the apt experience for your dream job.

Apply Here: bit.ly/2pqFWdW

Happy holidays. Have fun interning!

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