5 Facts About Mithibai That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

May 17, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Vile Parle is the youth hub of Western Mumbai, considering the number of colleges in that area. Well, Mithibai College of Arts, Commerce & Science is one of them. Appearing in the list of one of the best colleges in Mumbai, simply passing out from here would give you a good reputation. Imagine that! Anyhow, here a few things about Mithibai College that make the whole experience of graduating from there, a whole lot better.

The Location

Mithibai College is located at Vile Parle – the core of college going youth – amongst other popular colleges.There’s nothing better than having the whole atmosphere of your college outside the campus too. Also, did you know Mithibai shares their building with UPG college? You’ll always find this area of the city busy with students and you already feel like you’re part of something big. In fact, Mithibai itself is a major landmark.

Mithibai Building


Kshitij is Mithibai’s very own inter-college cultural festival. It is one of the most happening fests in the region and Mithibai-ites are proud to be bragging about it. With over 120 colleges taking part and 45,000 people in attendance, Kshitij set a benchmark of a whole new level for other college festivals in town. The fest has a lot of celebs coming in for judging and sometimes, promotional events for their movies. Infact, Kshitij is one of Asia’s largest growing youth fests!

Mithibai Fest

The Canteen

Mithibai’s canteen is famous for its wide range of food items available. Considering the number of outstation students that come in, the canteen has got them covered. The food they serve has a certain homely touch to it. The Chowpatty Bhel is a must have from their college canteen. There’s also a bakery within the campus that offers numerous baked goodies and different types of pasta.

Mithibai Canteen

The Hangout Spots

The students of Mithibai are probably really thankful for how wonderfully their college has been placed. There are so many stalls that offer a large range of street food that make your mouth water with just a sniff. Anand Dosa Stall is a personal favourite of all the college going students in that area. Even the simple most food like vada pav tastes so good around there. Also, Prithvi Café and Juhu Chowpatty is only a few minutes away and students from Mithibai are often found here if not within the campus.

Prithvi Cafe

Notable Alumni

Now, every renowned college has a star studded alumni and Mithibai’s alumnus is no different. Prominent graduates from the college include celebrities, politicians, businessmen, etc. Few of the famous alumnus include Shahid Kapoor, Kajol, Ajay Devgn, Parvathy Omanakuttan (former Miss India, if you’re wondering) and many more.

Ajay Devgn


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