5 Things You Must Know About Christ University, Bangalore

June 6, 2017 - 3 minutes read

They say ‘never take the Lord’s name in vain’. But when it comes to high standards of education, that’s exactly the name you would find yourself taking. Yes. Christ University, Bangalore is the epitome when it comes to high quality education and nobody will ever deny this fact. Graduating from here is one of THE best things that can happen to you and this itself would give you an amazing reputation. Here are a few things you need to know about Christ University.


The university main campus is situated in the central part of Bangalore city. They also have two campus extensions in Kengeri and Bannerghatta, all of which that are extremely eco friendly. Their campus is spread over acres and acres of land with a lot of greenery. The campus is a zero waste campus and recycles its wet waste and used paper. Also, you’re in A LOT of trouble if you’re found loitering around the campus without an ID and will mostly end up with a fine.


In Bloom

In Bloom is Christ University’s very own national level cultural fest that includes several cultural events like dance, music, art, theatre and literature. It is attended by numerous people who have excelled in these fields and the students get all the exposure they need.

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Cashless System

The college provides all their students with debit cards. The South Indian Bank debit card is majorly used for all sorts of payments. Fees, fines and challans are paid by these cards. Even a library fine of ten rupees is made through this card.


Although most of the students prefer eating from the places outside the campus walls, the canteen is still one of the places they are found chilling in. The CU canteen offers a wide range of cuisines basically due to the fact that they have students not just from all over the country but from abroad as well. South Indian, North Indian, Chinese. You name it and they have it.


Hangout spots

As the main campus is not located far from the residential areas of the city, there are plenty of places to drink/eat/hangout when the mood strikes. On a shoe string budget at the end of the month, satisfy your hunger pangs at Kota Kachori, Lot Like Crepes, Momo Hut in Koramangala. Also, during those long 2 hour lunch breaks, you can take some time off in Forum Mall and it’s only a few minutes away from the campus.

Christ Hangout

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