5 Things You Need To Know About Thakur College

June 29, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Situated in the rather serene side of Kandivali, Thakur College is the sole entity that makes the area lively with its youth. It’s also one of the most popular colleges in the area and is quite renowned.

Here are a few things you should know about Thakur College.

The Campus

Thakur has the best campus and offers a variety of courses. In fact, they have different buildings for different courses- one for science and commerce, one for engineering and another one for design. They also have well qualified, experienced and friendly faculty. Other than this, the students say that they have a few lovely dogs on the campus grounds (even though they’re stray), it kinda brightens up their day. Who doesn’t love the company of pooches?



Tarangan is Thakur’s very own intercollegiate cultural fest and is the biggest college fest in Kandivali. Various colleges from all over Mumbai take part in this fest and  it is probably the most happening college event in the area.

The Canteen

The canteen has a lot to offer – anything from Chinese Bhel to lassi – you name it, they have it. Everything Chinese that the canteen serves, the students love. Also, Pintu’s maggi and sandwiches are a popular favorite and is definitely a must try.

Places to hang out

Since the college is located in the vicinity of Thakur Village, that’s where all the students go after college hours to chill. They’re mostly found in McDonald’s, Subway, VJ fires, Ice Cream Bar, High on Tea and Black Box Café. Also, if they ever feel like watching a movie, they can always go ahead and catch one at Thakur Cinema. I mean, what more would you want. Within the college, the students are found chilling either on the stairs on the ground floor or the locker room on the terrace.

World Record

In 2013, during Tarangan they also broke the Guinness Record of the largest gathering of Bollywood dancers swaying to Hindi numbers. 5,000 students and teachers from Thakur College had a message to drive home – stay fit. They’ve been looking at their college with even more pride ever since.

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