5 Things To Do When You Are Travelling On A Budget

July 7, 2017 - 5 minutes read

For all those who only wish to travel and then come across the realities such as job, money, relationships etc, that usually act like barriers, which lead you to think twice before travelling. And the ones who can’t go beyond Lonavala and Goa and are always worried about the budget as in they experience a hitch when it comes to spending too much in travelling what if we tell you that travelling really doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Well there are a few unwritten rules if you wanna travel on a budget:

There is a thin line between ‘holidaying’ and ‘travelling’

Everything you love demands a sacrifice, so does travelling. You have to spend money and sort out and manage your job at the same time while you are away, for this you need to acquire organisational and management skills so as to organise yourself and manage your budget so that you can travel at ease. Sitting in your 5 star hotel and enjoying the hot tub is a holiday. whereas, staying in a 2-3 star hotel and enjoying a warm shower is called travelling.

Make the most of technology

Firstly you need enough cash to travel, since you need cash to travel, you need to get a suitable job for yourself that pays you timely without any delays but does not want or require you in the office everyday. In the current era of technology, almost everything that this corporate world demands, can be fulfilled online. You can basically do everything online nowadays, video chat instead of meetings, online transactions instead of going to the bank, from making presentations to making reports everything can be done using your laptop. And if your boss does not like you being virtual, there are other kinds of job as as well, in fact a huge number of people who have the travel bug, work online. So instead of working in the office you can find a job online and get paid, this sorts out your time for travelling.

Be reasonable

For a lot of people who fear the expenses during the trip, this is where you need to be organised and manageable and know the value of spending. You need to know when and where to spend and when not to, you need to think twice before spending to know if the service or product is worth or not. Being able to manage your budget and being able to stay fixed on your budget while travelling would be beneficial for you as it wouldn’t add up to your expenses and you wouldn’t have to fear about anything at all. Being reasonable and knowing the worth and not exceeding your budget is the key to reduce expenses.

Being Spontaneous is fun

When travelling or booking your trip, travel and book your trip with an open-mind and do not be too stuck up as when you are too stuck up it will create a barrier between you and your interests. When you travel, travel as per your interests, book a hotel where you think you could be comfortable enough which would fit in your budget. Be open minded towards adventurous activities and other activities and try out new things that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Look for Discounts

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Happy Travelling!

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