6 Most Important Tips to Ace Your Phone Interview

April 25, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Applying for your dream job? There’s a high chance they might conduct a phone interview with you. Follow these tips to excel at your phone interview.

#1 Pick a good quiet spot

Find a good location with decent cell phone reception. See to it that the place is quiet enough to respond with complete attention. So, it should definitely not be a mall or some coffee house.


#2 Research what you can about the job description

Familiarize yourself with the company by going through its website or the blog. Know your interviewer. You get brownie points if you mention any recent incident that the company was involved into or a specific blog post and your views about the same.


#3 Don’t let your voice betray you

The interviewer can tell a lot about you by the way you speak. Keep a humble tone. Don’t be too loud. Speak clearly. Don’t mumble stuff.


#4 Ask intelligent questions

This is your chance to sound smart by asking questions which keep the interviewer interested. It’s good to prepare the questions beforehand. Ask questions relevant to your job profile and the company.


#5 Make sure you don’t run of battery

Low battery would be the only warning we might take seriously. But what if it’s too late for that? Ensure that your phone is sufficiently charged.  


#6 Think of it like a face-to-face interaction

 Treat the phone interview as seriously as you would an in-person interview. Remember, this could be the dream job that you’ve always wanted to do.








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