9 Video Games That Will Take You On A Nostalgia Trip

February 3, 2015 - 6 minutes read

As a kid growing up in the 90’s I always had a special spot for video games and have spent countless hours laboring over seemingly insignificant tasks in the game.

We went through various gaming phases – from free Windows games, to cartoonnetworkindia.com, to our first consoles (Oh man, the PlayStation – those Smackdown 2 free for alls!), to miniclip.com.

Some of us became serious gamers, picking up an MMORPG (Massively Multi-player online role playing game – I felt intelligent just knowing this as a 12 year old), or battling it out online in competitive play via the PlayStation network or Xbox live; a fair percentage of us had regular LAN battles in cyber cafes.

Here’s taking a look back to the classics, where our journey began:

1) Duck Hunt
Arguably the first popular ‘shooter’ game, Duck hunt was a wildly addictive game that featured a never seen before NES ZAPPER gun, bringing ‘alive’ the experience of hunting.

The game also featured the infamous dog that accompanied you on your hunt trips and notoriously laughed at you for missing your shots. I’m sure he’s caused plenty of rage induced broken TV screens!


2) Pac-man
One of the most famous arcade games of all times, pac-man continues to live and has made its way from traditional arcade machines to the internet and now to our iPad’s.

According to Wikipedia, Pac-man has generated more than 2.5 billion$ in quarters from video game arcades!

Y’all know the joy derived from munching on those tasty ghosts.


3) Circus Charlie
This awesome platform game lets players dive into the boots of Charlie, a circus clown.

Riding lions, vaulting over monkeys and jumping trampolines, Charlie must perform these acrobats and keep alive through increasing difficulty.

Circus Charlie was acclaimed for its fresh concept and simple addictive game play.


4) Galaxian
Spaceships, Lasers and aliens are the perfect recipe for fun.

Galaxian is an addictive game where the player controlled his spaceship to take on swarming aliens as the levels kept increasing in difficulty.

The world record for Galaxianis held by Aart van Vliet, of the Netherlands, who scored 1,653,270 points on May 27, 2009.


5) Contra
Contra, the ‘run and gun’ game features Pfc. Bill Rizer and Pfc. Lance Bean of the Contra unit, who must destroy their enemies and progress through different stages.

Featuring awesome power ups, action packed boss battles and epic music, Contra was a source for countless hours of fun.


6) Ski free
Not many may have played this free game that came with all windows pcs, but those who have, will testify what a fearsome beast the ‘yeti’ was.

In Ski-free, you must ski down a slope, overcoming various obstacles and earning points.

When you cross the 2000m mark, the abominable snowman shows up, chasing you at a high-speed, eventually catching up and chomping down on your character.

The evil yeti mercilessly devours you while celebrating with an ancient victory dance!


7) 3D Pinball
Another Microsoft classic, 3D pinball on windows was an extremely addictive game where users played to score the highest number of points on a ‘3D’ pinball table.

The game had sleek graphics, realistic sounds and commendable ball physics, making it suitable for hours of repeat play and high score clashes with friends.


8) Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Dave, a Mario style game, is based around the character, Dave (duh), who must collect gold cups and make his way through different levels.

The game amazed young gamers with secret levels and crazy, fire spitting monsters.
Dave also got a ride on a jet pack!


9) Hocus Pocus
My personal favourite, Hocus Pocus was the story of a wizard called hocus, who must find all the crystal balls to prove his worth to the magic council.

Hocus progresses through levels, battling evil monsters with his electric charge spell, collecting potions, power ups and extravagant amounts of treasure.

The game featured a solid story line, secret levers and rooms, tips and comments from a quirky wizard, and ferocious boss battles including the ‘Mad Monks of MellenWah’ who gave me many sleepless nights.

If you haven’t ever played this game, find a version online, it will be completely worth it!


Ooof! The 90’s was a magical place! Obviously I’ve missed out some awesome games, feel free to yell at me or point them out.
Written by: Armaan Vananchal.

Edited by: Shaina Ahluwalia