5 Student Artists to Watch Out For on Instagram

December 13, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Though we tend to complain about kids these days how the world is going to the dogs with gadgets, and lets have a look at how the brilliant work of students across this country is being made available to thousands and thousands of people via social media, aka, Instagram.
Here is a list of some of the best student artists we’ve come across on the social media platform, and why we found their work rather fetching –

1. Debangshu Moulik (@debangshumoulik)
In Debangshu’s work we found a refreshing look at the art of illustration. His work is simple, clean, and speaks volumes about the way he looks at the world. While a lot of his work is black and white, some illustrations have a brilliant, almost prophetic monochromatic highlight to them, adding layers and layers into the effect of the work on the viewer’s eyes.  

2. Jayesh Joshi (@jaymanshere)
Jayesh’s digital art literally leaps off your phone screen and into your eyes. His careful choice of colour palette, calculated dollop of surrealism and brilliant observation adds more to his art than anything else. His work is bold and emotive in nature, exploring the recesses of human emotions and sexuality most of us leave untouched. It’s definitely worth a watch.

3. Maitreyi Bhatia (@maitreyibhatia)
This 20 year old Mumbai artist brings a lot more to the palette than just her vivid colours. She’s also the owner of Monki Notebooks, a line of notebooks which feature her art on the cover page. Her work is sharp and crisp, often switching between digital and paper mediums, which is another interesting fact to note, because is makes her a lot more versatile than many.

4. Shivani Javeri (@shivanijaveri)
Shivani Javeri’s work is fascinating in the sense that it is, most of the time, intensely personal. She deals in portraits, painting her perceptions of people. Her colour palette is interesting too, she includes almost every shade in the whole wide world, and trust us, she definitely knows how to use them. Her work, like Jayesh’s, is bold in nature, featuring aspects of human sexuality few people venture into.

5. Sailesh Gopalan (@brownpaperbagcomics)
We move form fine arts into the comic category now, with Sailesh Gopalan’s work. Absolutely hilarious, Sailesh knows how to set our funny bone tingling with his extremely relatable comics about growing up in India. His work is witty, colourful, and extremely funny, making the brown boy in us roll around the floor in laughter.

6. Sarah Naqvi (naqvi_sarah)
She is systematically smashing the patriarchy using fabric as her medium.


Written by- Utkarsh Pathak
Edited by- Tanya Pal