Best Ways To Make Friends While Studying Abroad

January 23, 2018 - 3 minutes read

Studying Abroad for Indian students is a unique opportunity to make lifelong friendships with people belonging to diverse backgrounds and cultures. Here we explore various avenues be it academic or social settings where you can possibly bond and make friends for life.


As an Indian student planning to study abroad, you will need to research the right housing option available from a wide variety of choices. These include on campus and off campus living, renting a room or even looking into nearby hotels, and staying with a host family. Residing on campus will keep you closer to campus and help you widen your social circle in ways beyond your imagination.
Apart from roommates, you can engage with students on college campus by participating in a variety of student-run clubs, societies, sororities and fraternities. Living with other students can be the best thing to do to enhance your study abroad experience.


You will find people who you see almost everyday and that share the same academic challenges as you. This can be a great start to bonding on an academic and personal level. You will find that you lean on each other for support and guidance. Sharing classes mean you also share homework and projects. You will find that strong friendships can be formed by sharing your academic strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears.

Extracurricular Activities

You can also meet friends if you put in a little effort and dabble in extracurricular activities. Student organisations are a great way to  meeting people that share the same interests as you. You will find that it is very easy to form bonds when you have something in common with someone.

Volunteer groups are also an option! Many colleges hold events like fundraisers and extracurricular activities that require volunteer help.

Exposing yourself to new situations (hey you are travelling to a different country!) is a sure way to gain invaluable friendships. Give yourself the opportunity to be open to others and your new situation. Do this, and you will most certainly make memorable and once in a lifetime friendship.

Starting university is daunting for everyone, but doing so in a foreign country can be terrifying. But with a great group of friends, your study abroad experience can be one of the best of your life.

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