7 marketing tasks for Campus Ambassadors

March 6, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Are you keen to know more about how you can work with Campus Ambassadors to create a winning marketing strategy?

Millennials don’t trust ads, they trust their friends. 

‘Campus Ambassadors’ is the most popular category of internships listed on Frapp.

Over 200 brands have run their campus ambassador programs by hiring verified student interns from colleges across India.

What are some of the tasks that students perform well on campus?

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Campus ambassadors marketing tasks

  1. Inviting friends to try the product – students are highly influential and Campus Ambassadors are often opinion leaders who can drive adoption of a product.
  2. Social Media Influencers – These students can have a lot of social media following and can drive communication and initiate conversation for the brand on social media.
  3. Campus Postes – Campus Ambassadors are experts at jugaad! They can put up posters on campus.
  4. Encourage product reviews – Campus Ambassadors can make their friends try a product and encourage them to leave reviews.
  5. It’s story time! – Campus Ambassadors can create a lot of brand reach by posting stories on Snapchat and Instagram. Frapp students have successfully posted stories for brands like Starbucks and Lakme Salon.
  6. Flaunt it! – Campus Ambassadors can flaunt merchandise or the product on campus and popularize it among peers.
  7. Conduct a Mystery audit – Students would love to play detective! Send them on a mission to conduct a mystery audit of your store or outlet and report back to you!

We are working on improving our experience for students and brands alike – to make campus ambassador programs more actionable and impactful.

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