CodeShastra- A 24 hr Hackathon

February 5, 2018 - 8 minutes read

CodeShastra is the flagship event of the CSI student chapter of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering i.e. DJ-CSI. It is an overnight event (Hackathon) where participants from various engineering colleges and technical institutes toil hard to develop a promising prototype.

One of the most anticipated events, in the history of D.J. Sanghvi, the main round of CodeShastra 3.0 was held on 28th and 29th of January 2017. It was the first ever 24-hour inter-college hackathon in Mumbai, and with a participation spanning: –

16 colleges (highest ever in terms of DJ’s on campus events)
Over 120 outhouse participants (previous record was 45+)
328 total participants
Inclusive of boys and girls, staying back OVERNIGHT in college, CodeShastra 3.0 has established a benchmark so high that it is going to be extremely difficult for any other team to match up to it.

DJCSIbecame the first ever student chapter to not only successfully host this hackathon, but to also prove everyone what a good team is capable of.

This year the main round of CodeShastra 4.0 will be held on 10th and 11th of February, 2018.

CodeShastra 4.0 aims to uplift its present standard and make an impact that could kick-start any revolutionary application in the field of technology. This time DJ-CSI has also launched an app “DJ CSI” available on app store as well as play store that will support students to expand their horizon in web and app development. We intend to provide students with an opportunity to enhance and refine their coding skills and problem-solving techniques by putting them in a rigorously competitive environment as we believe that progress can only happen outside the comfort zone.

We have planned everything meticulously and have created an environment for industry exposure. Not only that, we are going to give more than what is expected of us. Delivering on promises of providing: –
Unlimited Coffee
Mannequin Challenge
Midnight snacks
Sleeping bags for the night
Red Bull
A platform to develop the best products for a Digital India
Opportunity for technical internships.

This year we have got tremendous response and we promise to make this opportunity fruitful for everyone out there who has passion for coding and problem-solving skills.


So what is a hackathon?  Hackathons are coding competitions that range from local levels to international ones, bringing together programmers right from amateurs to experts, all working towards the same goal of finding solutions to the most compelling coding problem statements that have been provided to them. Hackathons as the name suggests are basically Marathons; intense coding sessions that last from 24 hours to 48 hours or even a week, leading to a hunt for the best prototype of a product or the most feasible or an ideal solution to a problem statement. The main motive behind these fixating events is to give programmers a platform to turn their vision into a reality, and to help them build a practical software.

Why is it important for students to take part in a Hackathon?

Who doesn’t want to be extraordinary? Hackathons are meant for creating an amazing prototype that can create a powerful impact and uplift the present standards of technology. Apart from this, hackathons have a lot of advantages.

    Hackathons help students to connect with people from different backgrounds and increase their versatility by working in different environments. Hackathons are a beautiful mixture of people with different backgrounds and a common passion for coding and gaining technical excellence.
    Hackathons help in stimulating the spark from within. Everything seems to be impossible till it is done. Hackathons provide a platform to ordinary yet so extraordinary students to develop extra-ordinary products.
    Hackathons are a talent hunt for various high-tech companies to recruit the participants. It gives them much needed industry exposure to showcase their coding skills and passion for software development.
    The positive energy at a hackathon is contagious. Just merely observing how the participants approach problems and their creative solutions will ignite your creativity, widen your imagination, and inspire you.
    Of course, the learning that you acquire at a hackathon is one of the most important prizes, but there could be more. Sponsors of the event tend to give away a lot of swag, software licenses, or even hardware in some cases. Also, your project may be one of the winning projects. You never know! After all it can be something you can cherish forever.

Why should students participate in CodeShastra?

Our future depends on what we code today. The theme of CodeShastra 4.0 will be “Humans of the Future”. CodeShastra 4.0 is the only 24-hour event of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering and the flagship event of DJ-CSI. Last year, we successfully conducted our 24-hr hackathon CodeShastra 3.0, and this year we promise to make CodeShastra 4.0 bigger, better and  and a much more stimulating experience for our participants. The culture of Hackfests is slowly rising and is a pavement for budding programmers to practice their skills and to find their niche in the programming/technological world. Apart from sharpening their skills, it gives them a chance to meet and collaborate with fellow passionate coders.

CodeShastra is an ideal platform for developers, tech-designers and coders as this competition will give them an exposure to an environment wherein there is a requirement of using their most versatile coding skills in a situation where they have to think on their feet. We welcome all students from FE to BE to showcase their talents and potential for a better tomorrow. Students will have the option to create an app on any platform or even a website for the contest. Mentors with industry experience will be present throughout the competition to guide the participants.

Attending CodeShastra could even help you land up an internship. DJCSI encourages participation from all engineering colleges and technical institutes across Mumbai. The most vital thing for any programmer is to learn, learn and learn. Any number of Hackathons that you attend are never enough; the more, the better.  Last but not the least, students would be provided with free food! Can’t ask for more, right?

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