September 7, 2018 - 5 minutes read


By MohanaSoman (Team Creative)




khayega re mukka”


“hattjaa, hattjaa

hattjaa re”

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chapter – ?

8th and 9th of September.

Calendars are usually useless (um, assignments? never heard of them), but I think we’re going to want to mark this down.

Sophia College for Women proudly presents Kaleidoscope 2018, our annual inter-collegiate cultural festival.

Kaleidoscope over the years has kept up a certain standard, especially when choosing our themes.

From the iconic 2015, ‘Namaste Kscope!’, to the more recent 2017, ‘It’s Showtime’, Kaleidoscope has shown time and again, the result of effort, creativity, and sheer willpower.

We’re back again this year, with something more dynamic and exciting than we ourselves could have ever imagined.

(No, it’s not a Brooklyn Nine-Nine inspired theme. Yes, we may think about it for next year. NINE-NINE!!)

It’s one word.


Ever wanted Alexa to actually start playing Despacito..without having Alexa?

Well, you can have that on Planet K, in Dreamskape.

Dreamskape is all about creating the world around you. Changing the blues to pinks or the pinks to blues, or saying, neither! Give me orange!


It’s about building and piecing together a reality of your own thought and making. You, are a creator (rip tanacon).


While we have many new and amazing events, specially catering to the theme, how can we forget about the good old ones? We can’t. Simply not possible. Here are a few of our favs, making a glorious comeback :


  1. Team Literary Arts (L.A) brings us J.A.M, a crowd favourite and the ultimate battle of wits. Puns, innuendos and the wackiest of contingents put their best foot forward (not,, like literally okay) for this event. This team also gives us L.A.K – Kreations, the questionnaire/treasure hunt, with water balloon fights and mock war games, like at Camp Half-Blood but not as cool.
  2. Team Informals and Team Fine Arts (F.A) proudly presents Project K, an awe-inspiring and fantastic fashion design event, where the best of the best go head to head in an effort to own that Ramp.
  3. Team Performing Arts (P.A) lovingly brings to life The Indian Classical Dance through Nrityanjali, an event where participants are required to bring the purest of emotions to life using the Nine Rasas. And gosh, we totally forgot. How could we not talk about Electrocuted? The ULTIMATE Battle of the Bands? It’s something to look forward to every year, where amazing participants showcase their talent to be the winner that takes it all.


(I’m not supposed to talk about this one, and if I die, let Gina Linetti know that she really is the human form of the ‘100 emoji’.

At the risk of d e a t h,

I disclose this.

Apparently, in ‘Maze Runner’, an obstacle relay-race by Team Informals, there were talks of giving the participants Ketchup Shots.

Uh, okay, I’m in danger, goodbye.)


To sweeten the deal for the spectators, we have Belgian Waffles, 99 Pancakes, Keventers, Carter’s Express and other cool establishments setting up stalls during Kaleidoscope.



Oh wait you thought we were done?

Did we forget to mention that TVF has joined Kaleidoscope 2018 and will be there to make our After8 an amazing experience?


Our bad.





After all the noise has melted away, there are still people flitting through the remains of nights that were full of life.Workforce can barely sit straight, still mumbling about security formations and banner fix-its. About restocking the first-aid kit and helping people out of the maze they know like the back of their hands.


The Sun is down, and that is all.It’s Kscope.



(boom, snap, clap

b-boom snap, clap, snap

boom, snap, clap-


hey! kscope! Whoo!)


Well, this is just the surface of what Dreamskape is.

There’s so, so much more.

Want to know more? See more?

Feel more?

Then be there.

8th and 9th September, 2018.

Aren’t you ready?