From An Intern to an Entrepreneur

March 26, 2018 - 5 minutes read
How many of us think of becoming an entrepreneur of the same enterprise which we join as intern? Not
many right? Do you know why? It is because we take our internships as part time work, but my story
will help you change your perspective and maybe you can be the next entrepreneur!
The story goes when I cleared my 12th board exam and had opted for what most Indian boys opt forEngineering.
After getting admission into an engineering college, I was exposed to quite a different
environment, new place (Karnataka, as I am from Bihar), new friends, new challenges, new
opportunities. I never realized that one such opportunity would land me in an organization which was
not only close to my heart, but the role would changed my life.
Having worked with about 20 organizations at different roles with different responsibilities like Oyo
Rooms, Godrej India, Paytm, 4yuva, UC media etc, I was exposed to the life that I experienced never
before. Amidst of this was an internship with “Stories of Common Man”, a startup based of Madanpalle,
Andhra Pradesh. I joined them as a Campus Ambassador for a period of two months with specific and
particular sales target. Stories of common man is an organization dedicated for all those unsung heroes
and sheroes whom we meet in our day to day life and they just want to showcase their stories of
dreams, hardships and triumph.
Maybe it was my unconscious seriousness towards the organization, that I accomplished their assigned
targets in no time (less than a week). It would have been an end of my relation with the organization,
but destiny has something different for me to offer.
After a busy month (we all know how engineers are tortured with never ending assignments, internals,
exams), I got a call from the founder & CEO of “Stories of Common Man”, Sakthi Swaroop B​. The call
was meant to appreciate my efforts and offering an extension in my role. It is when I joined as
Marketing Lead at the organization in the month of September.
After this month, there wasn’t any look back. I did as many marketing campaigns as I could do, to boost
up the sales. Also, I had managed about 300 interns which enhanced my problem-solving skills and
improved my decision making skills.
Having seen my dedication, efforts and belongingness with the company as I have achieved all the given
targets within the stipulated time, the administration decided to include me in the core working team
and finally promoted me as the CMO of the organization.
Within this duration, “Stories of Common Man” has been covered by several media houses like The
Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, Hans India, Eenadu (largest Telugu Daily)etc. Efforts to take “Stories
of Common Man” to new heights has been the sole goal that drives the whole team, and small steps like
collaboration with KIIT Bhubaneshwar, IIT Jodhpur etc. are already done.
We got an inspirational story from Pakistan and also helped 2-3 persons from different parts of India
through fundraisers.
Result of these can be witnessed from the fact “Stories of Common Man”, has been ranked in Top
50,000 Alexa and many more are awaited to showcase our goal.
Indeed I can say that I am lucky as I am still in 1st year of my engineering course. Also, while working as
an entrepreneur I had observed changes in myself at personal level. I had won many scholarships such
as Google India scholarship, Aimst 2017 etc.
It is obviously a long journey which require consistent efforts by all, however, somebody wisely said “Put
your heart, mind and soul into even smallest acts .This is the secret of success.”

Rajdeep Sinha