How to answer: Tell Us About Yourself

May 4, 2018 - 1 minute read


What would you share something that’s not on your resume? But more importantly, how would you share it? Here’s how you do it.

Be yourself but keep it professional. Share an intangible strength. Define who you are but make sure that everything you say is relevant to the job profile.

Don’t get too personal with the interviewer. They don’t want to know your favourite sport or your pet’s name. If the interviewer is interested in getting to know you, share an interest or a hobby that would reflect positively upon your character. It’s good to share about your hobbies and passion but don’t overshare.

Talk about your education and previous experience. Think of at least three to five past experiences that are relevant to the job profile. Highlight your achievements which are relevant to the job profile. Again, they don’t want to know if you stood first in that inter school elocution.

Tailor your answer in a chronological order just like your resume.

Practice once what you’re going to say in the interview and you are good to go!

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