How To Kill The fbb Mission on Frapp!

August 1, 2018 - 3 minutes read


Have you signed up for the fbb Mission On Frapp?

Here are some tips for you to ace the Mission!

Task 1 and 3:
The task is about you sharing a fun meme from the fbb page on your Facebook profile.
Follow the below steps to ace this Mission.

Step 1: Click on visit link in Task number 1.
You would be redirected to a page from fbb which is called as #GetMemeZoned with fbb which has a bunch of fun memes for you to share on your Facebook Page.





Step 2: Select and Share the Meme that you like.
Select and choose any meme from #GetMemeZoned with fbb Page and share the image on your
Facebook Page
(You are required to share the image directly from the page, below any meme you will see a share icon,
click on it and you would be directed to the Facebook page directly)
Please check the image.



Step 3: Copy the caption
You can copy the caption from the Frapp App Task 1 description or copy the text from below.
Woah! I just won a voucher worth Rs. 100 and all I did was share a meme! So #GetMemeZoned with
fbb this #FriendshipDay!
-Tag 2 friends

Paste the caption and share the Facebook post.
Please check the image below.








Step 4: Register and Unlock your code.
Once you have shared the Facebook post, you will be redirected to a registration form page which looks
like this.
Image on the left.
Fill in the details and you will receive an SMS which looks like this.
Image below
Take a screenshot of the SMS that you have received (This is proof submission for your task 2)



Step 5: Go to your Facebook timeline and share the post link
Visit your Facebook profile and copy the link of the post (Meme which you shared) and share the link on
the Frapp App (This is proof submission for your task 1)
Image below.



Step 6: Change post settings
Change the Facebook post to Public
Image on the left.








Step 7: Repeat the previous steps and choose another meme from the #GetMemeZoned with fbb and
share it on your Facebook timeline with the caption provided on the Frapp or use the below caption

Sharing some laughs this #FriendshipDay with the funniest memes I've ever seen! #GetMemeZoned
with fbb guys!
-Tag 2 friends
(This is proof submission for your task 3)
You are not required to register again, however if you’ve missed registering the 1 st time, you could register
this time.
Image below