Be India’s Next Big Influencer!

February 1, 2018 - 2 minutes read

You could be India’s next Big Influencer!

Imagine this, your eyes open in the morning and before you put the alarm to snooze for one last time, you’re brain is constantly reminding you of how less time you can spend scrolling through Instagram before you rush to college. And before you slip out of bed, there are some quick gasps for, ‘Wow this blogger is always travelling?’, ‘Do they get paid for all this?’ and more importantly ‘Will they ever repeat their clothes?’. Now the irony here would be that this is very less imagination and more reality of most of our lives. And hey! We’re definitely not complaining.

And since we know you guys so well, we want you and your style to have a platform to get noticed!!

So do you think you’ve got game? Can you pair prints like a pro? Is fashion your middle name? Then we have the perfect stage for you to showcase this incredible talent of yours!

Coutloot Trendsetter 2.0 is your stairway to become India’s next big fashion influencer. Participate in some of the easiest and super exciting tasks and stand a chance to be the top Instagram Influencer you wished to be!

Registrations are open and the first task will be LIVE soon! So keep your wardrobes ready, your fashion powers sharp and your accessories shining. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

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