College Students: You MUST do an internship. Here’s why –

September 7, 2018 - 4 minutes read

Intern, Learn and Earn in(Re)turn

Just a degree is not enough to get jobs these days, one needs internships, strong portfolios, years of experience, hair of unicorns, and 666 sacrifices to Satan to land a half decent job. So it becomes important for students to build their resumes while they’re still studying.

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Here are some reasons why Internships are important and why every student should do it –

  1. Experience IRL

When in college, outside world is mostly the tappri outside or the thousands of people in local trains (to be fair, that prepares you better for life.) When you intern, you get to experience an actual working environment. You get to know the actual workings of an industry and get to be a part of it, you learn technical know-hows, jargons, office etiquettes and that chai breaks are very very important for boosting the collective productivity of an entire office. Get the best internships on Frapp.






  1.     Networking

While your college squad is super important, it is also important for students to be ‘out there’, meet people from the industry, meet people from completely different industries. To learn from them and to be in contact. Because nobody ever said “Ugh, I wish the CEO of the best company in India was not my friend”





  1. Resume Builder

Let’s face it, HoD at a college Departmental Festival is a good addition to your resume but probably not enough to land you your dream job. Real work experience would not only enhance your CV, but also give you an edge over the other candidates. Make and enhance and download your CV on the Frapp app.






  1. Time Management

Doing an internship means bidding goodbye to your jobless life and start #adulting. Balancing college, work and social life would teach you a great deal of time management very early on.

It would teach you to stick to deadlines, work under pressure and most importantly to never take your sleep for granted.







  1. Clarity in Career

It is very normal for college students to be confused about the career they want to choose. So through internships students can get first hand experience of various fields, which helps students choose, better.

And if one is clear about the career, an internship in the same field would build a strong foundation.

  1. Some Extra Pocket Money

You can upgrade from the roadside to vadapav, to the Chinese combo in your college canteen. If that is not the best the reason, we don’t know what is?


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