This Student Turned his Internship into a Profitable Startup in 1 Month!

June 12, 2017 - 4 minutes read

Have you always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and owning your own e-store? And are you ready to take the plunge? Then the one place which is offering just that and more is MyStore by Wooplr. And there’s no better way to get to know more about this platform than by getting someone who has used it. Here’s Vidhaan and our tête-à-tête with him which is sure to inspire you to get you started on your entrepreneurial journey. Read on!

1. What brings you on MyStore daily? Tell us what you like the most about MyStore!
MyStore has become a very important part of my life since my store went live. MyStore is the reason I feel I’m doing something productive. Honestly, one thing which I love about MyStore is the way it helps people like me become a part of this entrepreneur committee.

2. What has been your success mantra with Bazinga?
The responsibility of handling my own store keeps me motivated. I received a good response from my friends when they got to know about this which itself is an important reason. The warm welcome and constant interaction with Gaurav and the MyStore team has been pleasing and inspirational for me. This couldn’t have been possible without them.

3. How do you pick your products? What is it that you think makes people buy products from your site?

I basically treat myself as the customer while picking up the products. I only choose that one which I as a customer would purchase. The most important thing to sell the products is self-belief. I, myself should be assured that what I am selling is the best product in the market. That is how I can inculcate that confidence in my customers.

4. What is the single biggest joy that being an entrepreneur has brought you?

Being an entrepreneur is always a challenging task. The courage to start off something and handle both success and failure is what an entrepreneur needs. I am grateful for MyStore for giving me the platform to set up my own store, Bazinga.

5. What are the challenges that you have encountered with an e-commerce business?

The challenges are countless. Sometimes, even after marketing and providing the best products on display, the response can let you down. Not getting orders or orders being returned make your efforts go waste. With so many companies already there in the market, it is always tough to start. But the key is to go on with the work and be completely dedicated. The competition is only with ourselves to keep performing better and giving our best.

6. Any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

It is always great to see people wanting to become entrepreneurs. A piece of advice from my side would be that ‘never give up’ if you believe you are doing the right thing and putting in all your efforts. Sometimes, it may take time but the results will surely come your way if you hold onto your dreams.

7. Secret question: what you do with the money you are earning from Mystore?
Haha! The money I earn is the money I spend on buying stuff from my own store. All the profit goes into the profit. 😛

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