How to Look Like You’re Having Fun at Parties

May 29, 2017 - 2 minutes read

We’ve all been at parties that we wished we never attended. Even the ones that our friends promised to never ditch but that was never the case once you got there. So here’s to all the people out there struggling to have a good time at parties (or at least trying to look like you’re having fun).

Look down at your phone

The only thing that can’t bail out on you is your phone, IF it doesn’t run out of battery. If you’re pretty bored, you can always pretend to be looking at or reading something interesting. Or maybe if you aren’t that lonely, you could actually text one of your other friends.

parties phone


Observe your surroundings

If you are not much on the alcohol, take a look at the people around you. There’s nothing better than watching drunk people making a fool of themselves while you’re sober, thanking God for all the things you’re not doing.


Play those party games

Since alcohol will impair the judgement of all the others, this is your chance to wipe the floor with these drunkards. Everyone will be so impressed by your skills and there’s nothing better than adoring fans.

Head to the washroom

If you’re not able to vibe with anyone from the party after a while you’ve spent there and you’re not able to find any of your friends, go over to the washroom. Spend some time there to take a break from all that ear pounding music and maybe stay there for a while so when your friends are trying to find you, they’ll probably think that you’re out there having fun.


Make an excuse and leave

If you’re absolutely having no fun at this party, you can make all the excuses you want to leave. From the classic ‘having to attend another friend’s party’ to the simple ‘it’s almost my curfew’, anything will work. As long as it is believable enough, you’ll have no issue getting out of there without making your friends feel bad.

Happy partying!

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