How to Not Feel Constantly Broke While You’re in College

May 25, 2017 - 3 minutes read

College is all about getting an education, making new friends, having fun, making memories and… crippling debt? The stereotype of the ‘broke college student’ may seem funny to everyone else but for college students it’s a harsh reality. (The only plus is, you’ll have a handful of stories to tell people once you’re out of there.) So, here are a few ways you can avoid the constant feeling of being broke during this period of your education:

Walk or use Public Transport

Of course this doesn’t always mean you need to walk or take the bus to wherever you’re going. But places that are nearby, be it a restaurant or a general store, try walking it down. Also, public transport is definitely a cheaper option if you compare the amount of money you’ll have to spend on your vehicle daily.

Broke bus rides

Keep some money aside for the parties

In college, parties are unavoidable, considering the fact that it’s the only way to let loose and forget our miserable lives filled with assignments and deadlines. Most of us have the habit of splurging our money as soon as we get our hands on it and then struggle by the end of the month. Coincidentally, that’s when all your friends start planning these awesome parties and road trips. So you honestly want to avoid being that one person who stays back.

She's broke

Buy supplies and cook at home

All of us know that almost three-fourths of our money is spent on food, food and only food which eventually leads to living the ultimate broke life. Nobody really can find the motivation to cook something up for themselves unless they’re either good at it or really passionate about it. Most of us are neither of the two. But once you get a hang of it and realize the fact that you can make decent, edible food, you’ll soon get a hang of it. And there’s nothing better than having good food that you’ve cooked up on your own (although pizza would be better).


Hang out with other broke people

Nobody knows how to curb their expenses better than someone who’s been living the broke life since forever. So if you want to ever gain any expertise on how to live on a low budget, go and hang around with one of your other broke friends. You can rely on them.

 Make yourself a budget

Yup. Making a budget for yourself is the most sensible thing to do to avoid feeling broke. But obviously, it doesn’t occur to any of us because even if we do make ourselves one, we wouldn’t follow it and that’s a known fact. For this exact same reason, this has been the last thing that’s up on this list.


Good luck!

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