4 Interesting Physics Tricks!

September 8, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Physics is a natural science that involves the study of the matter, its behaviour and motion through space and time. This is based on experiments, mathematical analysis and measurements with the goal of finding quantitative physical laws for everything existing in the universe. Physics is indeed a very useful subject for mankind. It can help us in maintaining our health, developing the economy, providing education and almost everything else in our everyday life. Those who don’t understand physics concepts, they generally tend to dislike it. But there are many interesting concepts like Newton’s laws of motion, Relativity, Ohm’s law and much more which are applicable in our everyday life.

So here are some amazing physics tricks which will prove that physics is way more interesting than what we generally thought of it:

The trick with an empty wine bottle

Empty the content of a wine bottle in a bowl and allow a minimal amount in the bottle. Now microwave the bottle with a minimal amount of wine in it for few minutes. Immediately after taking the bottle out of the microwave oven, soak its mouth into the bowl with the wine. You will notice that the wine gets sucked into the wine bottle. This happens because the microwave converts much of the water and alcohol in the wine into steam and vapour, causing the pressure in the bottle to rise.

Transfer Water Into A Glass without even touching it

Take a shallow bowl filled with water, an empty glass, a lime wedge, and a book of matches. Now, place the lime wedge in the middle of the bowl. Light a match and stick it upright in the lime wedge. Place the glass over it. Watch the water get sucked into the glass as the match is gradually extinguished. This happens because burnt matches consume the oxygen present inside the glass, it results in the creation of little amount of water and carbon dioxide. At the same time, the pressure inside the glass reduces, so it ‘sucks’ the water.

Break the Bottom Out of a Bottle

Fill an empty beer bottle with water, leaving a small gap at the top. Then firmly hold the bottle by the neck and hit its top with your other hand. The hits create a shock wave of pressure, which breaks the bottom of the bottle exactly at that point, without the slightest damage to the remaining bottle.

Plasma inside Microwave

All you need is a matchstick, a glass of wine and a microwave. Put a burning match stick in the microwave and put a glass of wine on the matchstick. Turn on the microwave and see the plasma ball inside the glass. It is possible only because of physics.

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