Poker, A Skilled Game Or Gambling?

January 17, 2018 - 3 minutes read

Poker is a family of card games that combines gambling, strategy, and skill. Yet a popular debate is whether poker is simply another way of gambling or a skilled card game.

Poker is just as much a game of skill as baseball, golf, bridge, stock trading and just about every other form of competition. If you’re going to call poker gambling, then you would have to call just about every other human competition gambling as well. Everything we do involves some degree of risk, and in many cases there is money on the line.

Here are a few reasons why Poker cannot be considered as gambling:

1) There are long term winners 
Winners and losers in poker are separated on the basis of skill. Poor poker players lose over the long run while skilled poker players win over the long run.
If poker was a gambling game like roulette or craps, there would be no long term winners just as there are no long term winners in those games. The longer a skilled player plays poker, the more money he makes. The element of skill makes all the difference.

2) Poker is played against other people and not the house
Poker is unique from all other gambling games, it is played against other players and not against the house. The casino has no stake in who wins or loses – it earns its money by taking a little money out of every pot.

Every person plays under the same rules. Therefore, the only way to win money consistently in poker is to play better poker than your opponents.

3) You can intentionally lose in poker
Unlike true gambling games, you can purposely lose in poker. In games such as roulette and keno, you cannot intentionally lose. The decisions you make in those games have no effect on the outcome. There is zero room for skill in those games as they are all based on luck. 









Furthermore, poker played over the internet is at it’s peak in today’s time. Online poker is partially responsible for a prominent increase in the number of poker players worldwide.









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