Pre-interview Prep Tips for the Nervous Student

February 2, 2018 - 5 minutes read

Whether you are writing all-important essays, preparing for that first big interview, or even wondering how to remove pen stains from clothes, there are plenty of things that students have to think about during their years of study. Getting prepared for interviews shouldn’t be too stressful an experience though, especially if you follow these five easy tips.

Learn about the Company

Knowing the ins and outs of daily life at a company may be a bit much to ask, but it’s good to do a little more research on the company than a simple Google search. An easy way to get some extra insight and impress the interviewer with your knowledge is to check out their social media and other such avenues. Find out about events they’ve held or been involved in or even campaigns they’re running – the more you know, or at least show curiosity about, the more impressive you’ll be as a candidate.

Research Key Questions

Not only should you have a look for some generic questions you are likely to be asked, but have the answers prepared in your mind and be ready for them. Most interviews will have a format they work from; so being sure to walk into your interview prepared with answers will help to put your mind at ease. Remember, it can be all to easy to give generic answers, so try your best to come up with new and intriguing ways to respond to questions the interviewer has had to ask over and over again – it will make you stand out!

Wear an Appropriate Outfit

Turning up to an interview in a t-shirt and jeans will most likely not set the right tone for the job you are applying for. Make sure that you pay attention to how your present yourself to the business you have applied for, because the way you look will be the first thing that an interviewer will see and you want to make a good first impression. Of course, some companies are more laid back than others, so smart casual might be the way forward for certain employers – BUT – don’t get caught off guard with stains on your clothes! You might be wearing a smart shirt you sometimes wear to class, but forgot about the pen stain on it; find out how to remove pen stains from clothes as well as any other types of stains, and you can save yourself that last minute panic.

Plan What To Take With You 

Some interviews may require you to bring things with you, for example your C.V., a list of references or maybe even a portfolio of any previous work that you have done in the job sector that you are applying for. Be sure to check if this is the case and bring everything that they have asked for. Try and do this the night before in order to avoid forgetting anything on the day.

Drink Plenty of Water

The same goes on any given day; be sure to have had something substantial to eat and drink plenty of water. The last thing you want to happen when you are in an interview is to be dehydrated or hungry which can lead to you feeling unwell and in some cases even fainting, especially given the nerves. You want to leave a lasting impression, but perhaps not one so dramatic!

So now you know what key things you should keep in mind when preparing for an interview, as well as some handy tips like how to remove pen stains from clothes! You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that if you follow these steps, they’ll help you to have a calm and stress free experience, and you’ll be perfectly prepared when you walk into that interview.

– By Katherine Mosquera