From A Student To An Incredible Entrepreneur – Sushmita Marskole

February 7, 2018 - 4 minutes read

What does it take for an aspiring Biotechnologist to become an entrepreneur and still pursue her studies?

Well, a little self-belief, a lot of passion, and the right opportunity.

Meet Sushmita Marskole, a Biotechnology student from IEHE, who has successfully transformed her love for fashion into a successful business.

1) What made you venture into a business when you were already pursuing a degree in Biotech.?

“Well, I always felt that a student’s life is all about identifying the right opportunities and making the most of them. So, when the moment came that I found the opportunity to start a business of my own, and on my own terms, I had no hesitations in grabbing it. Besides, my business opportunity gave me the flexibility to work at my own convenience, which was really wonderful given how hectic a student’s life can get.”

2) Your store ‘thebluedresses’ has been performing exceptionally well, how did you manage to do that?

“Hahaha…Thank you! And yes I have seen good success with my store and that is another reason why I feel justified in starting my own store. I am in love with the color blue and I love being up to date with the latest fashion trends, so, ‘thebluedresses’ was the obvious name for my store. Once I had created my store, I simply had to share my products on social media and thankfully, people liked what I had in store. The sales started growing as I shared more.”

3) So you were able to use social media to run your own business?

“Yeah, I strongly believe that social media has become the most important platform for any business and the amount of exposure a business can get through social media is incredible. Also, I know that most of us spend a lot of time everyday browsing through social media and I felt that I could use this platform to my advantage. My store ‘thebluedresses’ has actually gained a lot of followers and I have been able to make a lot of sales using Instagram. The most important thing, however, was that I did not have to invest a single rupee to run my own business.”









4) Does running a business come in the way of your studies?

“Not really. The platform provided by Wooplr allows me to work at my own time. Ideally, I just need to spend 25-30 minutes a day with my store to update the products and share them online with my friends and followers. Wooplr basically handles everything else from logistics to payment. This allows me to continue with my studies without being bothered by the hassles of running a business and I easily find time to manage my store. Also, I can do it from anywhere and on my phone, which is incredibly easy.”

5) That sounds amazing. So, what would you say to other students who may be looking for similar opportunities?

“If you really want to do something, you would find time for it and if you spot the right opportunity, do not wait. I don’t mean to sound all philosophical but this is exactly what I did and today I am proud of being who I am. Wooplr, for me, provided just the kind of opportunity that I was looking for and in all honesty, I am just getting started.”

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