Student Marketing redefined – Missions by Frapp

May 4, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Missions by Frapp

At Frapp, we’re always working hard to take your student marketing to the next level. 

‘Missions’ is our latest launch in a series of upgrades on our partner dashboard and focuses on making campus ambassador programs and influencer marketing easy!
With Missions, partners can create fun and interesting tasks for students to complete, either digitally or on their campus.

Partners can choose from our curated list of tasks, spanning across social media tasks, campus tasks, feedback & promotional tasks or create their own custom tasks to suit their marketing requirements. Missions is also a great way to amplify existing marketing campaigns.

Choose from our list of curated tasks 

Whatever be your marketing goal, Missions helps you achieve it with minimum effort.
Review rich student profiles and shortlist and select the best students to join your mission via the Recruit tab.
You can also waitlist students who you are unsure about and select them in the future in case some students do not complete your tasks on time.

Hire student ambassadors

Browse rich student profiles

Track the student’s performance and approve their submissions with the click of a button! Not happy with the student’s performance? You can mark the task for ‘redo’ and even leave custom feedback.

Track campus ambassador performance

View the student’s progress in real-time

Missions makes student marketing fun and rewarding!
Head to to create your first posting today!

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