Study Abroad And Build Your Career

March 22, 2018 - 6 minutes read

Looking to study abroad? We spoke to UNIspotter CMO, Peter Andrew, about studying abroad, building your career and finding the right opportunities for you. 

Frapp: Hi, thanks for taking the time.
Peter Andrew: Hi, thanks for having me.

F: Why don’t you start by telling me about yourself, UNIspotter and what you do there?
PA:  Sure, well I’m an Australian who moved to Vienna, Austria after receiving a scholarship to do my second masters degree. I discovered UNIspotter mid-way through 2017, they were looking for a marketing manager to help scale the app and launch in new markets, including India. Fast forward 8 months and we are bigger than ever, helping more students than ever and I couldn’t be happier.

F: And why is that?
PA: I’ve spent a lot of my studies studying abroad. A short stint in Japan during school, a year in Bologna, Italy, and now over a year in Vienna, Austria. It is such a rewarding and challenging experience and now it is really nice to be able to help people experience the same. It is really important to me to have a positive impact on people’s lives, so helping people create opportunities for themselves, pursue their careers goals and follow their passions is a really amazing feeling.

F: Wow, sounds really great. So, what exactly is UNIspotter?
PA: It’s a mobile app that potential students use to explore university programs that they would like to study and then apply with the help of one of our Buddies. Similar to a consultant. We also recently launched the ability for people to get help building their applications, preparing the required application documents, like personal statements and CVs, and also get help with English proof reading and editing. We are the first mobile application doing anything like this so it is really exciting!

F: That is exciting. And where can people apply to?
PA: We have people applying to study all over the world in all sorts of degrees. There are currently 15 countries in the app, including the UK, US, Australia and Germany. And over 86,000 programs in over 500 universities. I don’t think people realise just how many opportunities are out there. Like I said before, it is really nice to help people to find something they love and follow their dreams.

F: Studying is a big decision, but are you really changing people lives?
PA: I speak to so many people each day, each with unique stories. The stories that always touch me the most are from people who don’t come from wealthy backgrounds who have gone overseas to study in order to get jobs and create a better life themselves and their families. I constantly hear that they wouldn’t have been able to do it with our help. So, I guess the answer to your question is ‘yes’, we do help people change their lives.

F: What is your biggest advice for someone thinking of studying abroad?
PA: Study something you love and do it for the right reasons. Being away from your family and friends for so long is not an easy thing to do, so studying something you are passionate about is what motivates you to get through. Also, it is important to go abroad for the right reasons. Exploring opportunities, pursuing passions, expanding career prospects and experiencing new cultures are all examples of correct reasons for studying abroad. Following your friends or partners and social pressures are bad examples of reasons to do it.

F: So, what was the hardest thing for you while studying overseas and how did you deal with that?
PA: I always find it hard being away from my family and friends, especially my grandmothers. Keeping in touch with people overseas is definitely becoming easier though and it is much easier this time than four years ago when I was living in Italy.

F: I can imagine that would be challenging. We are almost out of time, but I would like to finish by asking what you think lies ahead for yourself and UNIspotter?
PA: The 10 million-euro question! I am about to move back to Australia to open our first Australian offices. We are going to start by running our marketing arm from Australia while our sales, product and other functions will continue to be run out of our offices in London, Hyderabad, Paris, Vienna and Tallinn. In terms of the app, we are just about to launch Canadian universities as well as other surprise functions making it easier and more fun to explore and apply to programs. We are also really looking forward to coming to India later this year, meeting students, visiting campuses and seeing how we can make UNIspotter better for everyone. Very exciting times ahead!

F: Exciting indeed, good luck! Thanks for talking to me.
PA: No problem, thank you.

For more information about UNIspotter or to contact Peter Andrew you can visit their website, or you can download the UNIspotter app at