Top Student Resumes on Frapp #12

Published on August 24, 2017

Finding good internships is every college student’s problem. This is usually because they don’t know…

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Top Student Resumes on Frapp #11

Published on August 11, 2017

Building a resume from scratch is a pretty boring and troublesome task. What’s the alternative,…

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3 Things To Look For In A Content Writing Internship

Published on June 28, 2017

For all aspiring writers looking for content writing internships, your prayers have been answered. With…

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5 Facts About Mithibai That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Published on May 17, 2017

Vile Parle is the youth hub of Western Mumbai, considering the number of colleges in…

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5 Things You Must Know About Sophia College

Published on May 16, 2017

What is the first thing that pops in your head when you hear the word…

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5 TV Shows To Binge Watch This Summer

Published on May 8, 2017

The workload is finally off and you have that much-awaited free time on your hands….

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5 Amazing Hacks to Make Your Student Life Easier

Published on April 21, 2017

The sun is shining down our backs and all of us are enjoying the holidays,…

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5 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

Published on April 10, 2017

It’s that time of the year again. Summer is here, & all we can hear…

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Top Student Resumes on Frapp #4

Published on March 21, 2017

The fourth edition of Top Student Resumes on Frapp is back and we’re back with…

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Meet These 3 Talented College Stars of 2016

Published on February 13, 2017

2016 was a phenomenal year, with a number of college students shining in various art-forms….

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