Tech Marathon 2018

January 29, 2018 - 4 minutes read

TECH-MARATHON’18: Computer Science Society of DDUC,

Sanganika , presents its annual technical festival on 2nd and 3rd  February 2018. A two day journey filled with a plethora of events and surprises, Tech-Marathon 2018 will surely leave you speechless with all its events and exciting cash prizes!

We invite you to this Marathon, where you run with your minds.

Last year, we witnessed the biggest Tech Marathon ever with participants from all over DU, DTU, IIIT, NSIT, GGSIPU etc. Here is a list of mind-boggling technical events and other fun filled non-tech events which will leave you in awe this year:


  1. Algowls:  Wake the brainy owl, solve questions without a fowl.
  • The participant has to solve a mystery overnight with the help of algorithms.
  1. Battle of Bytes: One bit ahead of byte.
  • Code Jam & Debugging in Java juggled with C++.
  1. C-Benders: All the sleepless nights will pay off.
  • Overnight Coding Marathon with Code Jam.
  1. Conundrum: Mystery wrapped in enigma.
  • Cryptography.Yes, Turn on your Turing machine!
  1. Junkyard Wars: Messing with tangled wires.
  • Assemble a CPU from the components provided to you.
  1. Spec-wars: Smart is the new alluring.
  • Tech-quiz based on latest innovations and electronic gadgets.
  1. Webgators: Embrace anonymity for the Dot Com war has begun.
  • Create a website based on the theme provided to you.
  1. SQLized: Inject the query, detect the data.
  • Solve SQL queries and show your database management skills.
  1. App Combat: Let your code defy the rules.
  • Create an app based on given theme.


  1. Reel Rundown: It is all about wit, ingenuity and all things mad.
  • Be the brand ambassador of your own product by creating a short movie.
  1. Lan Gaming: Kill or get killed.
  • Enjoy the classic Lan gaming event with CS 1.6, NFS, FIFA and mini militia.
  1. Treasure hunt: Unfold the mysteries untold.
  • Solve all the clues and find the treasure before any other team.
  1. Turn coat::Turn your coat at every beat of gong.
  • Debate with yourself. Sounds weird? Toggle between for and against multiple times thereby contradicting the previous statements.
  1. Snake Jam: Where knowledge dominates snake bites.
  • Innovative Snakes and Ladders with questions and answers.
  1. Tv Fandom: Unleash your inner Sherlock.
  • How big a fan are you of TV series like Friends, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, and more. It’s a simple quiz about popular TV series.

So mark your dates! Come forth, fire up your sabers and fight! 

At this technical extravaganza, we guarantee an experience you’ve never felt before! 



Start:                                February 2, 2018

End:                                 February 3, 2018

Event Tags:                   DDUCDeen Dayal Upadhyaya CollegeDelhi UniversityDUfest seasonTech Marathon


Venue :                          Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College
Sector-3, Dwarka New Delhi-110 078

College Website:

Facebook page:  

Instagram account:



Organizer:                    Sanganika, Computer Science Society of DDUC

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