A Few Things You Need to Know About Symbiosis, Pune

June 19, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Symbiosis University is one of the leading institutions of India situated in the fast-paced city of Pune. The minute anybody mentions the fact that they’re from ‘Symbi’, you think of them to be the most chill and obviously, they seem to have invented partying. But every course has their own culture and it does vary. So here are a few things you should know about Symbiosis.


The Campuses

Symbiosis has huge campses situated in various locations in Pune with the most modern form of infrastructure. The three main campuses are the SB Road campus, the Viman Nagar campus and the Lavale campus. the Lavale campus is on a goddamn hilltop. How can you possibly beat a hilltop? Also, not to forget, the whole campus provides free wi-fi to the students.

Symbiosis Lavale

The Rules and Regulations

What most people don’t know is Symbiosis has strict rules and regulations when it comes to certain courses. Some need 90% attendance (sad, we know), a strict formal dress code, strict timings for classes. Any of which you fail to follow and you’d receive detention and we thought detention only existed in movies.

Students in formals


Symbiosis does not have ONE fest as such. But this is only because it has MANY. The campuses and the number of courses are so many in number that every course ends up having their own fest and it’s huge. But apparently there is one that seems to be a little bigger than the other called, DZMA. It’s a combined fest and held by the design and communication students, thus making it a little more happening than the others. But Symbhav and Symoulse are also worth a mention.


Just like the infrastructure, the canteen has much to offer. It has various kinds of food to try formand students are found here between their hectic schedules and classes taking a break. The Schezwan Fried Rice is a must try. It is also quite popular for it’s juice center and cold coffee. Also, the canteen on the SB Road campus is run by this man named Chandu, and he is said to have a Facebook page of his own.

Places to hang out

Pune is known for it’s nightlife and the students of Symbiosis are no exception when it comes to partying. But in the vicinity of their college, you’d find the students chilling at Smokin’ Joes, Cafe Peterdonuts, Eatsome, Boteco and Ehide. These are only a few to be named but there are so many food joints around there, you probably wouldn’t run of of options to try.

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