Top 5 College Societies In India

August 14, 2017 - 4 minutes read

College societies form a major part of a college students life. While the college looks into your academics, the college societies enhance your extra-curricular talents and help you showcase them in the best manner possible. While Delhi is known for its top notch colleges, what some of you may not know is that Delhi is also recognized for the sensational college societies that have been doing some fantastic work for decades now.  Being a part of these societies is a matter of prestige and today, we’d like to tell you a little about the Top 5 College Societies: (narrowing them down to 5 was definitely a task! phew)

Sensation – Kirori Mal College

Kirori Mal’s Dance Society is one of the recent ones that was formed.  Established in the year 2009, it is divided into segments – Western & Choreography. Year after year, they have proved their mettle by performing stunning routines at all the top college festivals.

ECHO – Jesus & Mary College

JMC’s Western Music Society never fails to leave us stunned every time they get on stage. Having secured positions in almost all western music competitions, there’s no doubt that this is one special society. They are also known for doing new and unique things, like their recent cover of the Game Of Thrones – Song of the Lannisters.   

Ibtida – Hindu College

Established in the year 1991, Ibtida’s foundations were laid by three faculty members, including theatre enthusiast & much loved director Imitiaz Ali. On an average, this society has more than a dozen stagings of street theatre every year on various social concerns ranging from gender discrimination to corruption. While they also participate in motivating target groups with regard to specific social initiatives, Medina is their annual festival which is organized on social issues.

Misba – Sri Guru Gobind Singh College

One of the most kick ass dance societies on the block, Misba definitely grabs eyeballs at every place they perform at. Their dance routines are some of the most energetic and manage to not just win hearts but also numerous prizes!

Swaranjali – Hansraj College

Comprising of an Indian Choir, Western Choir, Fusion Band and Western Band, Swaranjali has become one of the most respected music societies in the college circuit. Their band the Hansraj Projekt, acclaimed for being one of the most successful bands, has opened for artists like Javed Ali, Pritam, Raghu Dixit and more! You should definitely look out for this one.

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