Top 5 Student-Friendly Destinations in India!

January 22, 2018 - 3 minutes read

We know the feeling when long weekends or holidays approach or when there is simply that itch to bunk college and take off with friends. Here’s a list of places in India that you can go to with your friends on a budget!

1) Goa

Student life isn’t complete unless it includes a crazy short trip to Goa. The king of budget holidays, Goa offers affordable accommodation and pocket-friendly yummy meals! With countless number of beaches and places to see, Goa is #1 on your list of places to visit with your friends.

2) Pondicherry

After a three hour long bus ride from Chennai, you can find yourself surrounded by beautiful beaches and French architecture. A city full of cafe’s, Pondicherry offers mouth-watering French cuisine while simultaneously serving delicious India seafood. Not only does Pondicherry have ashrams that offer free stay but also consists of affordable hotels and cottages.

3) Jaipur

The prime icon for Indian heritage, Jaipur is a good option for a slightly longer trip to experience Indian culture firsthand. With quirky hostel stays and mouth-watering street food, Jaipur keeps your pockets light and your faces happy!

4) Rishikesh

A 5-hour drive from Delhi, Rishikesh is the top choice for the adventure-seeker in you. The only place in India that offers bunjee jumping, Rishikesh also offers river-rafting, beach camps and exciting treks! To top it off, Rishikesh features accomodation for as low as INR 150. Although it is strictly vegetarian, Rishikesh is one hell of an experience!

5) Gokarna

Another chill beach destination of India, Gokarna is a mere three and a half hours from Goa. Gokarna offers comfortable homestays at affordable rates and local restaurants with home cooked meals. A recently upcoming choice for most travellers, Gokarna is the ideal getaway for some peace and tranquility with your closest friends!

We’re sure that this list helps get your plans started for some insane trips filled with fun memories!

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