Top Frapp Resumes Of The Week

February 13, 2018 - 4 minutes read

Make this summer a productive one! Build your resume and apply for exciting internships! 
Here’s a few amazing resumes that may help:

1) Rohini Yadav

Resume Score: 100%

Rohini is a Political Science Honours student at Indraprastha College For Women. In the past, she has taken up various projects such as a Yogathon and a MUN Youth Global Leaders Programme. She is an active blogger who posts her content on ‘truthiskef’ while simultaneously teaching underprivileged children on a regular basis.


2) Nikhil Sapa

Resume Score: 100%

Nikhil is a second year Computer Engineer at Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology. Previously, he has worked as a digital marketing intern at Snippt while also being a campus ambassador for Frapp. Furthermore, he also successfully completed a course of iOS app development from UDEMY.

3) Sahil Mhapankar

Resume Score: 100%

Currently pursuing a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering at Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology, Sahil is a hard working and keen student. He has started two ventures by himself, one that provides Freelance Computer Service named MsM Tech Solutions and another Event Photography business named MsM’s Clickography.

4) Akash Solanki

Resume Score: 100%

Akash is currently studying for a Bachelors of Technology at Poornima College of Engineering. An avid web developer, he has taken up various projects in the past. Presently, he is working as a web developer at Talent In The Hood.

5) Harshit Sharma

Resume Score: 100%

Harshit is presently completing his Bachelors of Technology from Jaipur Engineering College and Research Center. Over the span of last year, he worked as a social marketing intern with Chalng and Kavera. To add, he has also worked with Intern Theory as a brand manager. Currently, he is working as a content writer for Urban Mouth and as a social marketing intern for Telekha Technology.

6) Swapnil Sabban

Resume Score: 100%

Swapnil is a third year Mass Media student from Maharshi Dayanand College of Arts. He has worked at Silgate Solutions previously and as a public relations intern at Proton Communications. At the moment, he is a Teach For India teaching fellow where he volunteers to teach at a BMC School.

7) Anisha Arora

Resume Score: 100%

Presently, Anisha is pursuing a MBA Tech at NMIMS. She is a senior executive of the Student Councils Social Impact where social events are organised to create awareness. Previously, she has worked as a volunteer for her college fest Sattva.


8) Aaina Mehta

Resume Score: 100%

Aaina is presently completing her Bachelor of Mass Media at Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management. She has a ton of experience across various genres. In 2016, she worked in the Sales and Marketing department at Bayside Journal. To add, she has also worked as a Content Manager at #fame. Currently, Aaina is a live host and a Lifestyle and Beauty Expert at Swoo.

9) Kishore Kumaar Natarajan

Resume Score: 100%

Kishore is an engineering student at Sathyabama University. He is a member of the Computer Society of India and the National Service Scheme. He is currently working as an influencer for Wooplr and as a Marketing Lead at Hackerearth. 

10) Karishma Jangid

Resume Score: 100%

Karishma is currently studying for a Bachelor of Mass Media in K.P.B. Hinduja College Of Commerce. In the past, she has worked closely with the student council and various event cultural event departments of Hinduja College. Presently, Karishma is a Blogger and Social Media intern for Safecity.

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