Top Student Resumes on Frapp #10

July 10, 2017 - 4 minutes read

We’re back with another edition of the Top Student Resumes on Frapp! The Student Resume is just another chance for students through building their digital resumes in the simplest and most efficient way possible. Here are a few of the coolest resumes in this month’s edition of top resumes.

Thanush Prasad

Resume Score: 10/10

A student of New Shore International University, Thanush has a keen interest in digital marketing. He’s worked with Roast Media and Indian Analyst in the field of marketing. He also shows a keen interest in cricket and football and is also into hip hop music.


Savleen Kaur

Resume Score: 10/10

Highly driven and enthusiastic, Savleen loves to organize events and mingling with a lot of people. She’s also part of the training and placement cell of SGGSCC, where she is also studying. She has also worked with UTI Mutual Funds, and also helped organize the TEDx event at her college.

Yash Paliwal

Resume Score: 10/10

With his heart and soul dedicated to ethical hacking, he has completed his B. Tech from Alliance University. He has worked with Git, Amy Life and Amy-R. During his free time, he mostly enjoys swimming, watching movies and listening to music.


Mohd Swaleh Shamim

Resume Score: 10/10

Currently pursuing his B.Com from Motilal Nehru College of Delhi, Mohd loves interacting and managing people. He has worked with several companies like Cashji, Nearbuy, Myra Medicine and several others. He also enjoys cricket.



Prabhu Goyal

Resume Score: 10/10

An avid explorer and people’s person, Prabhu has worked with several companies like Internshaala, and many others. He is currently pursuing his B.Tech from Manav Rachna International University. During his free time, he’s usually found gaming online.

Ibnu Saliq

Resume Score: 10/10

Always looking for more and more opportunities to develop his skills, Ibnu has worked with Atria Convergence Technology and has also worked towards several social causes. He is currently pursuing his BBA from Garden City University.

Abdul Rub Rayyan

Resume Score: 10/10

A certified Google Adense partner, Abdul has interned with several companies like UC News,, etc. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Engineering. He also loves reading, watching movies and web designing in his free time.

Pradyumna S Paddu

Resume Score: 10/10

A passionate blogger, Pradyumna is currently pursuing his BCom. He has interned with several companies like Gapinfotechnica, Middle Bencher, Go Get Guru, etc. He’s also into web designing and ethical hacking.


Zaid Choudhary

Resume Score: 10/10

Zaid is a student who has taken up science in Junior college. He has been working with Up Work where he has mastered the art of app programming and has also made a simple chat interface of his own. In his free time, he loves to play football.

Natasha Arora

Resume Score: 10/10

An avid photographer, Natasha is pursuing her Bachelors in Mass Communication from the Asian Institute of Film and Television. She has also taken part in several activities with a social cause and also organize events in her college.


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