Top Student Resumes On Frapp #18

March 5, 2018 - 4 minutes read

Summer 2018 is here and it’s time to grab some internships! To help you build a better resume, take a look at some of Frapp’s top student resumes:

1) Faisal Ahmed Farooq

Resume Score: 100%

Faisal is currently in his second year of junior college at St. Joseph’s Pre University College. Last year, he was the campus ambassador for Bengaluru Comic Con and IIT Hyderabad. Similarly, he has worked as a graphic designer for the Dream Girl Foundation. Presently, he is an online educator for Unacademy where he teaches class 12 portions pertaining to IIT JEE exams.

2) Aakash Priyadarshi

Resume Score: 100%

Aakash is a second year Bachelors of Technology student at Galgotias College of Engineering And Technology. In 2016, he started a company called Yourcascade which focused on subscription based digital marketing. Currently, he is working as a web developer for Zion Technical Club.

3) Abhishek Karan

Resume Score: 100%

Abhishek is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology from National Institute Of Technology, Durgapur. He is extremely interested in computer science and programming to the extent where he built a dataset that enabled facial recognition. He is the core-Committee member and course instructor of RECursion-The official coding club of NIT,Durgapur. Presently, he makes courses on competitive coding for Unacademy.

4) Suyash Saurabh Singh

Resume Score: 100%

Suyash is a second year Bachelor of Computer Science student at CGC College Of Engineering. In the past, Suyash has worked as a brand developer for HIIT Fitness Bootcamp. He is a certified life coach & published author. Suyash maintains a life coaching blog named Awesome Life Geek.

5) Amlan Saha Kundu

Resume Score: 100%

A Bachelor of Science Honours student from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, Amlan enjoys solving puzzles and playing chess. In 2016, he was the creator and director for Video Buddy. Amlan is the founder of a photography page called ‘Amlan’s Photography.’


6) Chiranjeet Sarkar

Resume Score: 100%

Chiranjeet is a third year Bachelors of Technology student at VIT University. He has taken up several interesting projects such an eco friendly water purifier and also developed a hand glove that can be used as a weapon named Shockwave. Furthermore, Chiranjeet is also the President of the Trekkers, VIT.

7) Vijaygopal Balasa

Resume Score: 100%

Vijaygopal is presently in his second year of a Bachelors in Technology at Veltech University. He is an upcoming tech blogger and is the founder of a website named Androidstrike that focuses on everything technology related.

8) Sania Abidi

Resume Score: 100%

Sania is presently completing her Bachelor of Commerce at Christ Church College, Kanpur. Previously, she has worked as a designer and as a tutor. At the same time, Sania has worked on several blogs over the last two years.

9) Sarvesh Tanna

Resume Score: 100%

Sarvesh is in his second year of junior college at Ness Wadia College of Commerce. Over the past two years, he has worked as a cinematographer for LifeSchool, TEDx Salisbury Park and the Pune Model United Nations, amongst others. At the same time, he has worked as a photographer for stand up comedians such as Abhishek Upmanyu, Abhijit Ganguly and Karunesh Talwar.

10) Shashank Khandelwal

Resume Score: 100%

Shashank is a second year Bachelor of Computer Science Honours student at Lovely Professional University. Previously, he has taken up several projects such as developing a CGPA calculator and a daily diary. Currently, he is working on a jewelry website to help expand the client’s business.

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